Tradeshow organizers

Experience all the fun of Organizing virtual trade show without the hassle of People Management

HexaFair helps you at every stage of organizing a 3D virtual tradeshow

Pre Launch Marketing

With this 3D expo software software you can connect with early visitors of your Virtual Expo site and initiate follow-up through emails and newsletters. The pre launch marketing initiatives provides early insight to what attendees are looking for and how successful the virtual fair will be


A major concern in hosting high profile 3D virtual tradeshows is security of the organizers and the Attendees. Conducting a virtual Expo with Bobni virtual expo software allows complete control over visitors and avoids the security threat that comes along a physical Tradeshow expo.

Tradeshow management

Managing program agenda of Virtual fair using Bobni is a lot easier as it takes care of critical areas such as Booth allotment and interactive walkthrough of Expo for VIP''s increasing the service satisfaction for both the virtual expo participants as well as Attendees

Quality of Service

The personalized Avatar and live chat features of Bobni virtual expo software allows interactive communication with Attendees which can help them guide to the Booth of their interest.

Revenue Streams

With the freedom of organizing Virtual fair all around the year there is multiple opportunities to earn revenue through commissions as well as booth rentals. In addition you can also increase your revenue by posting Advertisement banners of Tradeshow participants.

Statistical Reports

Statistical Tools allow analysis of Attendees preference and the current trend in Visitor traffic. As a Tradeshow organizer you can use the statistical data of visitors to strategize your next Tradeshow expo in terms of Target industry, Product category and also best pricing for enrollment and entry, to establish a successful Virtual Tradeshow.