Our virtual expo software ideally replaces the need for using multiple systems typically used for engaging in a virtual trade show and expo, by providing one comprehensive solution. As Bobni can be configured based on your business requirement and workflow, we offer you the flexibility of receiving a customized pricing as applicable to your expo management software usage needs. Needless to say that in addition to saving up front on software licenses that would have been necessary to use separate software systems; you also get to save on costs that accompany training, support and maintenance of multiple virtual expo software systems.Overall purchasing Bobni virtual expo software is equivalent to investing in an inexpensive long term solution for systems, personnel and third party software vendors.


We offer two hosting options to meet your business requirements:
Self-hosted:Under this hosting plan, you will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining all hardware, including personnel to track and monitor software, perform software upgrades and repairs. When a newer version of software is released, you will be responsible for all purchases and upgrade of hardware to match new system requirements.
Cloud based: Cloud based hosting plan avoids the need to purchase hardware.We will host the virtual expo software you purchase from us on our secure servers, reducing your software hosting cost. Further, we will have our team manage the system upgrades and will be responsible to backup your software data at a time convenient for you. This will avoid any delays and impact that may arise during system upgrade.


Our pricing is based on number of users and modules you require. Increasing the number of user accounts and integrating modules after installation is easy and can be implemented as and when you place the request for the same.


As your true business partner we believe in providing valuable solution tailor-made to your business of any scale. We do not charge for new version releases of our expo management software for our clients with active maintenance agreements.

Reasonable Pricing Guarantee

We have gained reputation of providing best solution overall for Digital Commerce software and that's probably why we have 35% of client retention. A lot of due diligence has been done to ensure the pricing is reasonable for our virtual expo software.

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