Why Choose HexaFair?

Better Communication with Visitors

With most Manufacturers having to deal with Technical Specifications and Complex Data sheets, personalized content delivery enables easy communication with Attendees. Manufacturers no longer have to train Sales personnel, as Bobni virtual expo software can be used to share presentations of multiple format as well as provide interactive chat support.

Visually Realistic

Bobni provides a 360 degree view of Booth and exhibit creating a long lasting impression of the brand on the attendees. The realistic representation of exhibits provides a better understanding of Exhibits along with the added appeal of 3D virtual expo Display.

Know your customers

Bobni virtual expo software has Data Analytics tool that tracks visitor behavior on virtual 3D expo. It provides insight to buyer preferences, enabling better strategy for deciding what sells and what does not.

New Product launches

Product announcements and launches receive larger audience through Virtual Expo. Genuine conversations are initiated based on customized content delivery, providing quick feedback on new products and services

Social Media

Social media interactions can be initiated sooner through integrated social media accounts. Live updates of Products and impact of its reception can be shared instantly on social media posts.