Network round the clock

Open your business channel round the clock through Virtual Expo

Anytime! Anywhere! Anyone!

Revolutionizers the way people do business matching by allowing anyone to host, exhibit or attend an expo from anywhere

Instantly differentiate between Attendees and Leads

Recognize your leads through one on one virtual communication and visitor information

A 3D immersive environment for exhibitors and attendees

Our terrific game-like technology enables life-like dynamics, allowing people to do business matching as if they were there in person

Get digitally empowered

Take your business to next level by entering the $1 Trillion online market


Rendering realistic 3D graphics for online virtual trade shows

The virtual expo industry is unarguably an emerging profitable market, with more number of users choosing the secure online platform over the physical venues. Bobni virtual expo software lets you leverage this shift towards embracing online software platform to conduct virtual trade shows using 3D graphic rendering, which gives its users a realistic interactive experience with the Exhibitors.

Trade show venue

Take advantages of the opportunities that we give!

No matter what side you are on -Organizer, Exhibitor or attendee, Bobni gives you the leverage you require to participate in an Expo in a Secure and Interactive Environment.

No more fear of security threats or exposure to contagion due to International Travel

Cost Saving

Save cost on expensive venues and accomodation

Revenue Generating

Multiple revenue channels through advertising

Go Global

Expand global audience participation with virtual expo that anyone can attend

Eco Friendly

Beneficial not just for business and global environment as Bobni virtual expo software helps save fuel as well as paperless processes

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See how you can keep your Exhibitor and Attendee data at your finger tips through this cost effective, convenient and easy to use virtual 3D Expo software.

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